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Are you looking for the best Day Care in Dar? Do you want to be sure with everything about your kid while you're busy in Dar? Then Leyara is the right place for you we have all the answers to the questions most parents asking themselves about safety, education and general well being of their kids when their at school.

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STANDARD - Tsh. 4,275,000

Annual fee including admission, meals, uniform, stationeries and swimming. This fee is paid in 4 installments when request service basic service will be the total first installment of all requirements at the beginning of your child enrollment.

PREMIUM - Tsh. 4,915,000

This is the annual fee for Day care students paid in 4 installments. The fee includes stationeries, admission, food and swimming.

BASIC - Tsh. 1,634,000

First term fee installment for Day Care. This includes stationeries, admission, food, uniform and swimming.