It's quite simple with Huduma Point platform


Sell a service

1.Register yourself  create a profile put accurate information about yourself or your business, upload profile photo. Make a graphic photo to attract clients you may use some available graphics apps such as Canva for free to make attractive image.

2. Describe the service you provide add all necessary information that will attract buyers choose  how you're charging your service. Go to page menu and click manage service then add types of services you provide add price to each type and more details where necessary.

3. Post your video. Be brief with key-points avoid street languages. Create a good impression make a good video of your self or your business. Don't mention your contacts or graphics with contacts as the profile wont be approved by Admin.

4. Publish your Profile. After filling all information required remember to click publish to make your profile visible on the website. 

5. Done. Congratulations you have just registered your self or your business to HUDUMAPOINT website a very secured platform to show your talent, skills or your service business and earn money.

👉 Click here to see video step by step

How payments works

Our fixed-price protection releases client payments at the service completion.

All the work or services you complete comes with payment protection.

Track your earnings on HUDUMAPOINT for a simple and streamlined process.

Our service fees are taken as a percentage of your earnings. 

We charge 10% of every invoice billed to your client.

Buying a Service

1. Know the benefit of everything HUDUMAPOINT has to offer.

2. Meet talented people and outsource some work for your business.

3. Use the site to buy services from different businesses in very secured way.

4. Pay through HUDUMAPOINT and secure the service requested.

5. In case the service wasn't completed or anything unusual refund will be processed. (see terms and conditions)

6. Do not attempt to pay service provider out of this platform.

Need help? 

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