About Us

HUDUMAPOINT platform was  established by groundbreaking a better way of selling services, helping businesses in Tanzania and across East Africa find more flexibility and connecting talent with more opportunities.

I have been working in the service business for more than a decade now and have realized how it’s hard to get somethings done in certain occasions while there many people would simply work on the same task quick and at very affordable cost.

I have seen many talented people who are capable of delivering amazing services but they have no access to many businesses which would benefit with their services even at very affordable costs. Business owners are stranded and can’t find quick solutions on some services that are urgently needed to be attended. HUDUMAPOINT comes in to clear the gap.

Our intention is to become the ultimate solution for business while creating opportunities to talented Tanzanians and other people from the rest of the world to offer quality services and improve business and people’s lives at large.

If you are a client that needs to get things done, use this site to build faster and transform your business. If you are independent talent that has come here to realize your potential, know that you are a valuable and instrumental part of someone’s business.

We have made categories for businesses to sell their services to buyers in this secured platform, there many circumstances people would want to buy a service from distant and find it hard to trust a service business and worry of being decieved. HUDUMAPOINT comes in to make it easy for both buyers and businesses.

I can say with confidence that HUDUMAPOINT platform is here to bring a huge impact on how jobs and service businesses are done.

Let’s get to Work

Juma H. Mndeme